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Designed Finished Surface Area


Hi Ted,

I Found that the update is extremely useful. Thank you for continuing improvement to the software and make our life easier.

Can you please advise the following,

(1) what is 2D / 3D area of cut/fill.
(2) Is it possible for Kubla Cubed to provide finished surface area after completion of earthwork model / calculation. We need this because we need to estimate liner area on the completed designed surface in some of our projects.
(3) Is that possible to get a retaining wall element as input format in proposed level instead of using "break line" method. This will greatly eliminate errors in modeling the retaining wall.
(4) What is the maximum survey points / contour that the program can handle ? I asked because we have a big survey files (5m grid interval in 2km x 2km area) that need to model but the program seemed too big to handle.
(5) Can you provide the User Manual in detail explaining the technology adopted for this program as we need to know the basic theory and to explain to our client.

We would be appreciated your prompt response.

Thanks and Regards,

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