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Strip Area Volume


(05-20-2020, 04:20 PM)Chi_W Wrote: I have used many other takeoff programs in the past. It is common that once an area with a specified subgrade depth is created, the cut/fill of the area will be shown automatically in the report.
It is similar to use the Strip method to create the region in this program; however, the volume cannot be shown in the report. A volume region will need to be created in order to compute the volume. This program tries to be precise not to have any region or boundary overlapping while other programs do not have this restriction which may generate a slightly different overall result when adding the areas together. This small margin of error is acceptable in terms of earthworks estimation. 

I have done two projects with this program, one has only 3 Strip regions and other has more than 20. The simple one I could fix the region error easily; but the complex one took me a lot of time to fix these errors even though all the lines are snapped together. I have ended up removing one Strip region.

Creating the volume region is also a challenge as mentioned in other Forum.

Please advise.

Hi Chi_w

Appreciate your feedback. Yes we have seen how competitors approach the 'subgrade' problem.  Kubla Cubed was never designed to be a bespoke earthworks estimator solution.  It was more designed to be an engineers volume calculator.  As it happens our biggest market is Earthworks estimators so we recommended the strip and offset methods.  We appreciate they are not ideal and we are working on a new solution to be introduced into the program whilst at the same time keeping the purity of the engineers volume calculator. 

In the meantime I would suggest a couple of things that might help. 

A) If you use the Export->Spreadsheet->User Input    you should get a list of strips and there depths in a spreadsheet, you can use this pretty quickly in Excel to calculate the fill volume of the build up.

B) Another option is to create additional phases and use spreads (copy and paste the boundary outlines from the strips) to do the build ups.  This requires a lot more computation than using a spreadsheet but gives you a more complete solution within Kubla Cubed.

Have you seen the you tube video about phases and subgrades : 

Kubla Cubed - Adjusting to Subgrade \ Formation Level

Kubla Cubed - Understanding Construction Phases & Calculation Order

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