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Kubla Cubed 2018


(05-16-2018, 03:27 AM)Bernard Wrote: Hi Ted,

Any chance of releasing V4.6 by next few days ? ( Likely end of the week ? )

I am really eager to try the improved version especially on the construction sequence as I have a project in hand which involve earthwork sequencing schedule.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi Bernard

Yes we are hoping for a launch date of Friday now probably later in the day.  We have completed all features and are doing testing and updating the help files.  

Some of the phased examples are loading over twice as fast which is good. We have also managed to finish the spreadsheet and presentation mode which I think I mentioned.  The spreadsheet I am really liking as with the preview you can quickly review data without exporting, it is actually useful as a quick check of areas, volumes etc... as it is easier to review a lot of data that way rather than using the stats panel in each phase.  Especially the "User Input" data which gives you details of your inputs rather than the earthworks outputs.  Great for checking that you haven't typed a duff value in as a construction thickness. BOQ is much easier to generate to from a spread than the tables in the word doc.

I will be in touch on Friday.


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