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Kubla Cubed 2018


(05-21-2018, 02:08 PM)Seaking Wrote: Helloooo Ted!

I haven't looked at the board in a week and you know why! The spreadsheet tool looks good, it will be very valuable. I think the grades grid should be useful until we get some machine control on a dozer and even after.  I guess I have to ask the boss for some more time off until the software update comes out!


Hi Guys

4.6 is released ! Finally.  Some bits took a lot longer than hoped.  Almost missed the Royal Wedding doing some of the final testing.  We can't have that!

Let me know how you get on.  The gridded visualisation can be turned into a PDF by someone with some CAD know-how (even with the Free Draftsight program) and then printed in A3.  Would be a handy print out to have on site if anyone wasn't sure of cut\fill volumes at any point they could consult the plan without even starting a computer.

Of course I would recommend distributing copies of Kubla Cubed lite to site workers so they can explore the models themselves Big Grin  but the big gridded data visualisation is easier to understand if you aren't familiar with working with TINS.

I will post a topic on 4.6. Post in there if you have any feedback and I will pass it on.

Also I've just made two videos about the new LandXML and CAD export improvements : 

Kubla Cubed 2017 - Working with LandXML

Kubla Cubed 2017 - CAD

Going to be doing a few more as well this month so make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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