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Copy a Constriction Phsae


Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the forum!

No postcard I'm afraid, but hopefully this might help...

In our software you can copy and paste information between points' co-ordinate tables.  This is a somewhat hidden feature, and we're looking into ways to make the copy and paste options more obvious in the future.  

For now, this is how I would do this:

  1. Go into the feature surface definition (feature surface -> edit) and then select the outline you want to copy.  It should expand in the sidebar and show you a table of the points' positions.  
  2. If you click on the button on the top left of table (see attachment) then it will select everything in the table.  Press 'Ctrl' + 'C' to copy the co-ordinates in the table.  
  3. Now go back into main window.  Create your 6" spread area and draw any old outline.  Just any three points.
  4. Once you've finished it will show you the points table for the spread element in the side bar.  
  5. Similar steps to paste as for copying.  Select everything in the table by clicking on the top left button.  This time 'Ctrl' + 'V' to paste the table data you just copied.
Hope that helps, but let me know if it's not clear.

By the way, I've assumed in this explanation that your outline only has X and Y positions defined, so both tables have the same number of columns and it's straightforward to copy between them.  If you are using the 'defined varying level' outline option (which is quite unusual) you will also have a Z value in the outline table.  In this case I would suggest you copy from the outline table into excel, then copy the first two columns from excel into the spread table.

I'm assuming you've already offset the feature surface you've defined to account for the construction depths?  Worth mentioning that most drawings show the finished level, so you need to drop the feature surface down to get to formation level when you're taking off.  Then you can build it up with spreads as you have worked out, if you want to display each of those levels.


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