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Touch Screen

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(12-31-2017, 01:23 AM)JGCG Wrote: Been using Kubla for a few days now and it's working great. I have some bigger projects to do takeoffs on and need some way to speed up the process. Right now, I'm just using my laptop mouse to trace out the topography maps. Question I have is, will a touch screen work with this software. I'd like to be able to use a touch screen to trace everything out, plus plug the computer up to the T.V. for a bigger view.


Hi Justin

Welcome to the forums.  Sorry for the delay in the reply I had to have a think about the best recommendation.   I am not sure if a touch screen would be faster than a mouse, but if you got one that could be used with a stylus it would replicate the same experience as the digitizer boards people used before on-screen take-off.  Some people prefer the digitizers to mouse+keyboard.  A big TV hocked up via HDMI would definitely give a better experience for take-off than a small laptop monitor. 

I would say that buying a touch screen for this specifically would probably not be worth the money unless doing take-offs was your primary work as it would not speed up the process any more than becoming faster with the keyboard and mouse.  

You could opt for a cheap WACOM tablet if you want the stylus experience over using the mouse without the cost of a dedicated touch screen monitor.  You could of course also use a cheap windows tablet, I must admit we have not tried that yet.

We are working on ways to improve the take-off experience over 2018\2019.  The major thing we are working on is doing automatic detection of line-work from PDF to save time tracing.   

If you had a lot of PDFs with large amount of contour lines you could consider turning the PDF into a CAD file.  Then importing the CAD line work in as contour lines and setting the elevations manually.  This process is a bit tricky though as you will have to scale the line work in CAD before importing.  It is also not trivial to turn a PDF into a CAD file.  Let me know if you are interested in this option and I can give more information.

I will try to update you when we have made improvements to the manual take-off form.

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