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Slope Angle Visualisation (Shading Map)


Someone looking at Kubla Cubed recently said that it would be useful to have a feature in the program whereby you could shade the surface according to the incline of the surface.

I thought this was quite an interesting idea and wouldn't be too difficult to do.  The Cut\Fill map is shaded based on comparison of two surface so having another shading scheme using the incline on each triangle of the proposed should be to difficult either.

He said it was critical on some of his projects that no inclines were more than 1:15 on the site.   

Has anyone else got any input on this ? Is it something that would fine widespread interest.  

Something like this I am guessing is what it would look like : https://www.stratiformllc.com/blog/moder...lope-angle

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Slope Angle Visualisation (Shading Map) - by Ted Woods - 03-22-2018, 01:49 PM

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