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Struggling to input levels and Newbie


(08-27-2021, 01:09 PM)William Paton Wrote: I trust someone can help

I have just downloaded the software a reviewed the tutorials and am starting to doubt if Kubla can do what i had hoped.

I would like to load a PDF of a construction site and manually input the existing point levels and contours and then the finished levels. I have no data sets or CAD to import.

The examples all seem to be based on uploading drawings that already have information on them that the software can read.

When i have tried to put levels in i am told i need to set the boundary.

When i do this i have to manually enter some levels, however after i have done that i am not able to put spot level in.

Can anyone please help me or point me in the right direction for a turorial


Hi William 

Welcome to the forums!

What you are describing the program is designed to do very well a PDF take-off.  If you click on the link below and watch the 'take-off' example it doesn't extract from CAD or PDF but does a on screen take-off workflow.

Kubla Cubed - Walk Through

In your existing you need you create a feature surface to hold your points.  It will need an extrapolate outline to let the computer now the boundary to build out the feature surface to.  Rather than the 'varying levels' outline which I think you have done, maybe an 'extrapolate outline' might be better.

If you can't get the results you want out the program feel free to e-mail support and we can do a screen share and show you how to get started.



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