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Unable to set boundaries with feature surface tool


(11-06-2021, 11:41 AM)Saudidave Wrote: I'm new to Kubla Cubed but very experienced with other construction software including on screen digital measurement programs.

I can import a drawing, set the scale by either measure of a known length or inputting the figures. I am also able to align the drawing. When going in to the feature surface tool and attempting to set the site boundary I'm unable to do so as the cursor doesn't draw anything. I am choosing manual / interpolate and the pen symbol. What's going wrong?

That's puzzling. It sounds like you are doing everything correctly.

Once you have selected the type of outline, the screen will go shaded and then with you mouse and left cursor button you should be able to draw your required outline. Like in the attached image.

If you are still not having any success, please contact support@kublasoftware.com with your project file attached and we can look into this further. 

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