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"Failed to Get Outline" - Error


(04-28-2022, 08:08 AM)tyron.tomlinson Wrote: Hi all

First time poster here, but long time guest user of the forum.

Am currently having an issue printing a .pdf drawing for an earthworks project I am quantifying.

It is a multi-phase project, with some overlapping outlines between phases.  I am getting the error "Failed to Get Outline" (see attached picture) when I am trying to print to .pdf, but I am not sure whether this is due to the overlapping outlines, or whether I am doing something else incorrectly.

I seem to be able to print the 'Existing" and final phases of the project, but not the intermediate phases.

The first phase has a single "Platform", the second and third phases also includes a "Platform", and the final phase includes two "Paths", a "Slope" and a "Platform" (if this makes any difference). 

Would be happy to receive some suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Kind regards


Hi Tyron

Welcome to the Forums!  Thanks for posting the screenshot of the error, it makes it much easier to diagnose the problem.  I have had a look in our database and have found this problem has been reported before and is due to be fixed in the next major release : V7.0.  Unfortunately we did not have time to include it in V6.3 which is due to be released next month.

RoadMap Item : 3368 Export PDF\CAD - "Failed to Get Outline"

With the other examples we have found with this problem there was a workaround.  That was to replace all elements that had side batter set to 'off' to 0.01. Side Slopes of 0.01 are more reliable to Side Slopes Off.  In practical terms they are more or less the same thing but for some reasons a lot of the problems we see are related to vertical areas in the triangulation, so we use this trick to replace them with as steep as slope as possible.  We find in a good number of cases this resolves the problem. 

We are constantly working on our in-house calculation engine but vertical slopes were only introduced in Kubla Cubed 2019 so is relatively new, as we get more examples to test with that have verticals we are improving the algorithms so they are more robust but for now the 0.01 trick is helpful to know about if you get problems.  We are actually working on this area specifically in Kubla Cubed 2023.

Good luck, if this doesn't do the trick send the file into support and we will take a look at it.


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