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Sketch to Scale


(11-14-2022, 04:54 PM)Rich Howes Wrote:
(09-16-2022, 03:37 PM)msnowdowne Wrote:
(09-12-2022, 12:04 PM)Rich Howes Wrote:
(09-08-2022, 03:15 PM)msnowdowne Wrote: Hello,

Is it possible to create outlines of elements using a sketch to scale tool?

If i have a 50m wide excavation, i have to scale it using the measure tool, then trace the length. 
I do a lot of circular excavations and it's not fun tracing circles.

1. Circular outline
2. Rectangular Outline
3. Polyline (start at a point, then provide length and degrees to move to next point.)


Hi msnowdowne

Thanks for your interesting question. In the absence of suitable reference locations on a site plan, using a combination of the measure tool and the length measure element is one approach but not the only option.

With regards to the specific tools you mention, that’s not something currently available. It is the first time to be mentioned, so I have updated our requested features list.

Another option for restricting drawing location is to use the Cubed snapping options... This approach means that points can only be placed at specified intervals from the starting point and/or snap to other lines...

Enable the display of the current mouse location, via settings.

With ‘To Grid’ enabled, move the mouse to the location (origin) from which you wish to restrict intervals. Then press CTRL+O (On Windows) to set the Interval Origin.

Once happy with the position, the Grid Interval can be set to snap new points to positions on an invisible grid.

We are making some improvements to this existing system, which will be available in v7.0.

Kind regards,

Thanks Rich,

That's good to know. My building is probably on a tilt compared to the grid that would complicate this.
Is there a way to see the road map / requested features list?
I was told by trimble once that sort of thing is confidential so I just thought I'd ask.
Mark S

Hi Mark,

It is not so much that in our case the roadmap is 'confidential', rather that it is likely to change... To manage expectations, we try not to say we are doing things until confident we can achieve them in a reasonable timescale. With software development, improvements and new functionality are frequently harder than they first appear.

However, we are optimistic we can complete the following for inclusion in Kubla Cubed 2023:

Kubla Cubed 2023 
  • Support for Internal Side Batters (Platform, Slope, Reduce, Raise, Feature Surface and Triangle Surface)
  • Improved CAD/PDF Vector Importer
  • Improved Exports
  • Undo/Redo 
  • Improved Backup System
  • 2D Take-Off Improvements
  • Projection of site plans onto 3D models
  • 3D selection and highlighting of element disturbance areas
  • Ordered lists of points/contours
  • Volume Breakdown by SMM7 and NRM2 depth bands in line with UK building regulations
Additional to the above and following user feedback, there will also be a large number of tweaks/improvements to existing tools, etc.

Kind regards,

Hey Rich,
Thanks I look forward to it!
The volume breakdown is key I like that one.
Mark S

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