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Matching Colour Key with Contour lines


(01-30-2023, 12:11 AM)DavidL Wrote: Hi, 

just recently started this tool for some of my projects to determine extent of site cuts and what not, for hillside cuts and proposed basement cuts. 

I have a question for showing relative lines on images as part of presenting the level of cut and fill. Is there a method to match up the colour keys to the contour lines? 


Hi David

I think what you are asking about is showing 'cut & fill' visualised as a contour map.  We don't display contour lines in the main view currently (elevation or cut & fill).  You can input elevation contour lines and export elevation contour lines, but you can't show either in the main view currently.

I am aware of other software that shows cut & fill as a contour map.  We could do this potentially generating contours from the cut & fill model (difference surface).  However it has always seemed like quite a difficult to understand visualisation to us.  There obviously is a huge historical precedent for terrain to be visualised as elevation contours maps but this was established in a 2D paper based environment.   Modern 3D graphics, with lighting and shadow models have made the contour based visualisation techniques I think less relevant. 

However we do intend to do a contour visualisation eventually in the main window.  Perhaps a cut & fill one as well.  As Kubla Cubed is easy to use software we think the 3D view with colour bands is actually the easiest to understand.  We would probably have these options turned off by default.

I have added your question to our project documentation.    

Kind Regards


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