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Break Lines Again

(This post was last modified: 05-05-2019, 07:10 PM by KevinD.)

Hi all,

I'm setting up the existing features of a site I'm working on (Outline. Contours, points and breaks). I note that it appears to me that the option to create break lines "at crossings" has been taken out of the program and now the only options are to add them from a file or manually. The manual option is straightforward enough, although I note that if you don't add more than 2 points the triangulation will ignore them.

My problem with the use of breaksĀ is this:

On my large site plan I have a 4 existing large buildings which are all complete to at least their ground floor level and I know what those ground floor levels are (FFL ranges from 9.45 to 11.80), plus a lot of other 'physical' features (e.g. transformer vaults and concrete pads) from the previous contract.

I have lots of contours and elevation points to work with (in fact the site is relatively flat, having been partially leveled under an earlier contract). However, what I don't know (for any of the buildings or other features) is the actual ground level at the point where ground meets the building/feature. All the surveyor has given me is the FFL or the level on top of the feature (and some of these features are raised well above GL).

And so my questions are:
  1. when creating a line break do I use the GL at the point where the ground meets the feature or the level of the 'feature' itself (e.g. the FFL, the top of the transformer vault, top of kerb etc)?
  2. if I have to use the ground level when creating a break, but I don't know what the GL is at that point (even though I know the level of the 'feature'); because the software will not interpolate this level for me, what would you recommend I do?
  3. is there a case for saying I have to use two breaks? One to break based on the GL and the other for the 'feature'? - take for example the case of a raised roundabout, around which I placed a break based upon the GL at the base of the kerb. I also have one point level that defines the level of the ground for the roundabout itself. Do I just add that level to my model and let the software work things out or should I be adding a second break around the feature based upon this level?


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