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Kubla Cubed New Update (Version 4.3)

(This post was last modified: 11-14-2017, 03:14 PM by Ted Woods.)

This is a small update the headline changes are :

A) Automatic Outline tool to save time when you only need to create a simple outline around you elevation features.

B) Enhanced the slope earthworks element to allow you to define with arrows and incline angles.

C) Enhanced the site plan module so you can rotate by 90° increments as well as the north arrow and the scale input (e.g 1" = 20') is now input after the site plan is displayed allowing you to view the site plan and read the scale of the plan before inputting the scale information.

Full list of updates below : 

16:00 3/11/2017 - Kubla Cubed Version 4.3
New Features
+ Added an option to define slope elements with an elevation and incline arrow to improve usability.  Previously the only option was to define the slope from three points which was not very user-friendly.
+ Added an 'Automatic Outline' option in the take-off module.  This allows far quicker creation of outlines.  This feature existed in older version of Kubla Cubed and has been reintroduced due to popular demand.

+ Moved the PDF scale option from the page selector prompt into the site plan window.  This allows the user to read scale information on the loaded PDF at the same time they are inputting the scale.  Another benefit is the page selector prompt no longer needs to be displayed for single page PDF files.
+ Added the ability to rotate the site plan by 90° increments. In some scenarios this is far quicker and more accurate than using the 'North Arrow' method.
+ Upgraded the software licensing back-up activation option to be visiting a URL instead of mailing Kubla Support.  This allows to user to get the license immediately rather than having to wait for a response from support.  

+ Resolved the program incorrectly reporting another instance of the program was running after the program had been closed and then re-opened shortly afterwards. 
 + Resolved the design area only 'zooming to extents' on the first phase after importing a site plan.  Now it will zoom to extents on all phases to ensure the user can see the new site plan.
+ Fixed a bug in the take-off module when cancelling which was causing the project to recalculate even if the user had cancelled and so nothing was changed.  It could also cause a crash when cancelling after creating a new feature surface element.
+ Added validation check to the site plan form to prevent the user from specifying a scale length of zero.  Previously if a length of zero was entered the software would crash.
+ Added validation check to the site plan form to prevent the user from specifying two identical co-ordinates when using the ‘align to 2 points’ option.  Previously this would have caused the software to crash. 
+ Resolved issue with long element names causing problems with the user interface in the take-off module.  Long names will now be truncated in the display.

Please post any feedback below.

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