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Kubla Central Posting Guidelines

(This post was last modified: 01-15-2017, 01:23 AM by Ted Woods.)

Kubla Ltd hosts and maintains Kubla Central forums for the benefit of users of our software and other interested parties.  We reserve the right to moderate any post for any reason.  Please read the following guidelines to avoid your posts being moderated.  

1. Respect other users of the forum :  Our user base spans the globe and encompasses engineers, surveyors and construction professionals from a diverse variety of cultures and backgrounds. Please be respectful of this. Posts that are derogatory to a specific race, gender, sexual orientation, religious or cultural group will be deleted and may result in a ban.

2. Post all off-topic posts in the 'General Chat' section :  Kubla Central is professional environment for sharing knowledge  and building industry relationships.  We request that all topics of a non-professional nature be posted in the 'General Chat' section.

3. Refrain from excessive selling : We appreciate that everyone has to make a living.  Posts advertising your products and services are allowed if they are A) relevant to the forum (e.g offering take-off services or construction equipment and B) you are up-front about your relationship with the company involved.  However we may moderate advertising posts if they are deemed to be excessive or start to impact on the quality of discussion.

4. All posts must be in English : For practical reasons and to maintain the clarity of these forums all posts must be in English.  Alternative language forums will be considered for the future.

5. Do not post personal information :  These forums are publicly searchable and are therefore scanned regularly by data harvesting bots.  If you post a personal phone number or e-mail that individual may receive unwanted attention. Posts  containing an individuals personal information will be moderated.  

In short behave as you would at an industry conference. Enjoy making new industry contacts and sharing your knowledge and expertise!

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