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Slope Video


Good afternoon,

Is there any possibility of a dedicated Slope tutorial? I just can't seem to get my head around it [Image: sad.png]




I would also love that


Hi Guys

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the forums Frank.

I will make sure a slope video is completed.  We are actually going to spend a while producing more videos for the 2017 release however we are working on the website upgrade at the moment which will have a special area for learning materials with all the videos.  With the slope element you are defining a perimeter for the slope as well as three points in space which define the plane of the slope. 

It is quite confusing and we have a work item to give another option in the 'Define' drop down which allows you to select : Arrow, Three Points, Arrow & Offset, Three Points & Offset.  The arrow will take a height at its base and then a direction and angle.  I think for a lot of people this is a more intuitive way to define a slope.

One tip I would give is if you have defined your slope perimeter you will probably know what height at least three points are on that perimeter.  Move the three points to those positions and then set the heights.  I find this a lot easier to understand than setting the points randomly in space. 

Definitely worth checking the surface in 3D to make sure it looks right.



Hey Ted, was the video posted anywhere?


Hi All,

Apologies for the long delay responding to this one - there's some problem with my notifications. Ted's away so I'll just give a quick update .

When we were doing the slope video we realised that the current option to define a slope is basically quite difficult to use. We decided to update the software as described by Ted above to make it easier to understand. Unfortunately this pushed back the tutorial because we didn't want to release a video that would be out of date almost immediately.

The development's now complete on this update, and it's a big improvement. The old option to define three points is still there, but there are new options to define the slope direction with an arrow. It's currently being tested and the update and video should be up within 2 or 3 weeks.

Big Grin 

Sounds great, looking forward to the up-date.


Tim [Image: biggrin.png]

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(10-17-2017, 04:38 PM)TimO Wrote: Sounds great, looking forward to the up-date.


Tim [Image: biggrin.png]

Finally managed to get the 4.3 update out.  It was a really tricky one actually as we kept thinking of new scenarios which we needed to accommodate.  In the software industry this is called 'feature creep' and is notorious for causing delays.   
Hopefully what we have now with the slope is controls that will cater for everyone’s requirements.  The control options are:
1)   Arrow & Incline with Elevation Defined at Base.
2)   Arrow & Incline with Elevation Defined at Tip.
3)   Arrow with Elevation Defined at Base & Tip.
4)   Previous 3 Point System (This will probably be removed at a future date as the same can be achieved with a Feature Surface with 3 points and we are always looking to simplify options in the program to keep it as user-friendly as possible.)

[Image: earthworks-slope-element.png]
It sounds complicated but you only have to use one of the above, either the one you prefer working with or whatever is most appropriate to the scenario you are working on.
As promised we have produced a tutorial video for this: Earthworks Slope Video
Sorry for the delay and thanks again for the feedback!

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