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Yard Piping Takeoff

(This post was last modified: 10-14-2022, 08:07 PM by msnowdowne.)

I'd like to get more out of the ditch element feature.
By adding a some data tables and variables I can calculate everything I need to price the yard piping.

pipe trench quantity requirements:
1. trench length - currently doesn't show up in excel report
       -is it possible to provide a drill down of the quantities from point to point?
2. pipe invert at each point - add text field to store this value and based on default offset can be used to calc underside of ex.
3. trench width for each run 
        -this can change for each run depending on shoring methods (I may trench box under a road but not under a field).
4. trench profile - shoring type along each run of pipe - see pics.
       -I think like the pipe data table (see picture item 3), it's best to just give us a blank table to determine different profile types. There will be a million different types like twin pipe trenches etc.
        -as you can see from attached photo - headworks sub ex & headworks shaft ex. - you can do two phased excavation but for a pipe trench this will lead to way to many phases and duplicate effort. For a large structure it's a different story.
5. backfill - most cuts have a corresponding fill. Road Cut / Topsoil Cut / Pipe Cut - generally you're cutting to put something in it's place. this causes a lot of duplicate effort copying outlines / elements / re-typing descriptions.
       -is it possible to add a check box that creates a corresponding fill element in the next phase with the same name and outlines?
       -i know it's possible the backfill parameters can vary- but as a baseline just fill within what you cut (instead of filling up to proposed grade).
       -pipe length and cross sectional area are now in so the pipe volume can be deducted.
6. Add Manhole Excn at points - this is a logical progression but this post is already a monster so for future dev maybe.


FYI the last photo is the yard piping package of a job I'm working on.
please help me do this in the program I hate doing it in excel.

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