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Excel Report - Outline tags and offsets


When i export the earthworks report I can see the various surfaces but no tags on the outlines (ie sod, pavement, building name etc), or the offset dimensions that have been applied to them. Is there a setting that needs to be adjusted to display this? 

Also, just wanted to confirm that the volumes displayed on each phase are for that specific phase only. 

Thanks for the feedback and apologies if this has already been answered.



Hi Haneef,

In the earthworks report they will be broken down by earthworks element name. If this is what you are after it might be better to give names to the earthworks elements, rather than tags on the outlines. We don't currently present elements by outline, because it's not clear how we should present volumes for internal outlines in particular. In Kubla Cubed these are cut-outs, so they don't really have a volume, but they affect the volume of the external outline.

To get the offsets I'd suggest you do a input data report export instead.

You are correct that the volumes within a phase are for that phase only.


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