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Cut and fill depth categories


(11-14-2018, 11:11 AM)Marcus Wrote: The NRM2 (RICS new rules of measurement) requires that:
1. excavations be separated into that <2m deep, 2-4m deep, 4-6m deep, etc
2. filling be separated into that <500mm and that >500mm deep

Is there any way that Kubla could be developed to separate the cut and fill into such categories?


Hi Marcus

We have had this request in the past and after doing some analysis believe we can do it.  Basically when you are doing the cut\fill analysis you end up with a 3D model of the cut\fill (internally in the calculation engine).  By doing a subsequent analysis of this model against a plane at various steps (2m, 2-4m, 4-6m) etc... we could separate the volume in the way required by NRM2\SMM7.  It wouldn't be especially easy to execute however but we could do it.  The issue is finding out how much demand there would be for a feature like this.  We used to get this request frequently but it has been somewhat drowned out by other feature request resulting on it being taken off the table.   

I will direct others to this thread who have similar requirements so we can get an idea of interested numbers and get a conversation going.  What software is currently available for this?  If we could get some dialogue going with RICS members and were sure that there would be a sufficient market to justify the R&D then we would certainly go ahead.

At the moment we are working on Kubla Cubed 2019 (due for release Dec\Jan).  It has a number of enhancements but not this feature, if we were to do it, it would be as an update after that release as the feature list is locked for that one and we are getting toward the testing stage.


I believe you could accomplish this with a little extra maths, by offsetting the existing surface in Z (you can offset an existing surface by amending its properties).

Lets imagine a simple scenario whereby you have Existing and Proposed surface.  By raising the existing surface in Z by 2m  you will be able to see an amount of cut disappear.  The figure missing would be the cut of depth 2m and below.  Raise by another 2m and the additional cut missing would be 2-4m etc...

Things will become more complicated with multiple phases however.  If you did have multiple phases I would export the final phase model to XML and import it back into a project with only existing->proposed and repeat the above procedure.

It is a pretty clunky workaround but might give you something to work with for now.  If you do try it please report back so others can follow this method.  We added the Z offset option into the existing surface for this reason buy so far have not heard of anyone using it in this way.  They might well be but are just not telling us about it.

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