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Is Kubla the right tool for me?


(02-18-2019, 09:14 AM)Bushman Wrote: Ah, thanks very much for the reply Ted. Much appreciated.

I am currently using your free version to see if this is the software I am needing to do takeoffs.

Another question I have is regarding the PDFs imported into Kubla.
Sometimes we are issued really bad 2nd generation PDF's and that does make things harder. Most of the time we get good 1st generation PDF's.
When importing them, it seems like Kubla then treats the 1st Gen PDF as a normal raster and it looses the ability to snap to contour lines. Is this just how it is, or am I doing something wrong while importing the PDF?

Hi Bushman,

You will be please to know that Kubla Cubed 2021 has now been released with a number of great new features!

PDF and CAD import have been greatly improved, allowing for the easy import of contours through PDF vector extraction.

The new Set Multiple Elevations tool also allows you to quickly add elevation data to contours by defining the height of the first selected and then defining the amount of meters the contours increment by.

For more information about new features and to see this tool in action please check out the video linked below:

What's New in Kubla Cubed 2021?

ind regards,


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