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  import IFC
Posted by: msnowdowne - 09-08-2022, 03:21 PM - Replies (2)


I've attached a 3D PDF of an IFC file of a concrete tank.

Is it possible to import this IFC (or 3D PDF) and place it within the model as an existing or new structure? It could define the excavation outlines (1m from slab edge) as well as backfill volumes against the building.

Theoretically if I had good quality CAD files of existing/ proposed/ pavement outlines/ and IFCs of all new and existing structures. I could model a job very fast.

This one is a bit out there but probably the future?

Note that I don't think 3D PDFs are favoured by big software companies - IFC seems to be the way things are going to go.

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  Sketch to Scale
Posted by: msnowdowne - 09-08-2022, 03:15 PM - Replies (4)


Is it possible to create outlines of elements using a sketch to scale tool?

If i have a 50m wide excavation, i have to scale it using the measure tool, then trace the length. 
I do a lot of circular excavations and it's not fun tracing circles.

1. Circular outline
2. Rectangular Outline
3. Polyline (start at a point, then provide length and degrees to move to next point.)


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  Copy Outline Error Crash
Posted by: msnowdowne - 09-08-2022, 03:11 PM - Replies (2)


I think I found a bug.
When I try to copy an outline from element to another.
It automatically expects you to start your outline, but you have to cancel that outline THEN copy in the outline you want.
If you copy it before closing the current outline it will crash the program.

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  Dealing with Existing Structures
Posted by: msnowdowne - 09-08-2022, 03:06 PM - No Replies

Currently I model existing structures as a building pad and use a reduce element to stop other elements from cutting into my structure.
In order to move these structures between phases (of which I have a lot) I have to manually create the element and copy each outline into it (if i copy paste the reduce element it errors).

It may be easier to create a new element type for existing structures. It would be carried forward to the next phase unless it is demolished in the current phase (by another element).

An extension to this would be a really awesome tool I can use to see if I'm undermining existing structures / pipes that will require expensive shoring to maintain. As you are identifying not only the outline of the existing structure, but the elevations.

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  How to use "Lines are dashed" when loading contours
Posted by: MadScientist67 - 08-26-2022, 02:09 PM - Replies (1)

Good morning, newish and infrequent user here trying to avoid having to manually draw contours in on a site plan. 

In this instance, the proposed contours are drawn in the dark red dashed lines (screenshot attached). Kubla tries to import each dash with multiple closed polylines. I'm trying to use the "Lines are dashed feature" to avoid this problem but no matter what I enter in the box for dash length, the box turns red and there's no change to the number of flat lines. I've tried whole numbers, decimal numbers (with and without a leading zero), a "-" symbol, the equal sign, random characters... heck, I even tried "short", "long", "curvy" and "squiggly" in a fit of frustration. Is this something that's just not working and I shouldn't be wasting time with it or what? I tried searching the forum and the user manual and didn't have any luck and don't have time to watch all the YT vids to see if it's addressed somewhere.

Attached Files
.png   Screenshot 2022-08-26 090841.png (Size: 179.13 KB / Downloads: 21)
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  Quick Tip Video : Offset a Line
Posted by: Kate - 08-08-2022, 04:06 PM - No Replies

The Offset Tool is used to create a new line which is placed at a user specified offset (relative distance and relative elevation) from the original line.

This quick video shows you how to use the tool.


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  Quick Tip Video : Join Two Lines
Posted by: Kate - 08-08-2022, 04:00 PM - No Replies

Lines import as they are found in the original CAD or PDF site plan. This is usually fine and they will be complete lines, but occasionally lines may have gaps (caused by text or other entities breaking the line in the drawing). As a result, you need to join the two (or more) contour lines to form just a single contour line.

See how to use the line editing tool button in this video:


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  Quick Tip Video : Change the Cursor Label
Posted by: Kate - 08-08-2022, 03:56 PM - No Replies

Kubla Cubed displays information (in real time) on the mouse cursor. The label display can be customised to show only the information (x, y, z, cut/fill) that you require.

Here's how you change it:


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  Quick Tip Video : Change Units of Measure
Posted by: Kate - 08-08-2022, 03:52 PM - No Replies

Need to switch from Metres to Feet or vice versa? (It should be correct for your region, but do check this at the start of a project)

Watch how to update your measurement settings here:


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  Quick Tip Video : Set Multiple Contour Elevations
Posted by: Kate - 08-08-2022, 03:49 PM - No Replies

Whether you have imported contours with zero elevations or need to amend a set of contours, use the Set Multiple Elevations (SME) tool to correct your data. 

Watch how easy it is to set the elevations of a group of contours


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