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  Seeking Help Designing an Earthworks Project Using Kubla Cubed
Posted by: pskrivanos - 05-20-2023, 04:07 AM - Replies (1)

.png   Screenshot 2023-05-19 210517.png (Size: 1.53 MB / Downloads: 15) Hello,

I am a mapping professional from the west coast of Canada. I’m currently working on a project for a farmer, designing cranberry bogs for his farm. The site has been mapped by drone and the layout for the farm designed. The proposed bogs are surrounded by berms and irrigation canals. There are also haul and perimeter roads. 

I have some experience using Kubla Cubed for other, more simpler projects. This one however is a little bit beyond my ability. What I need is help with adding the proposed earthwork features (berms, canals, roads, etc.). I have laid out the locations of all of these features on a plan and have imported and georeferenced this plan in Kubla Cubed. See attached screenshot.

I am seeking a professional to help me with this project. This person can either provide me with some guidance, or develop the design themselves. Either way I am happy to pay this person for their time.

If this is something of interest please let me know. The deadline for this project is fast approaching and I would like to get going on it quickly.


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  Feature request - Phase manager
Posted by: J.Hugelier - 05-08-2023, 08:37 AM - Replies (3)

Would it be possible (or is it possible) to introduce something like a phase manager?

I have a project which consists of multiple standalone constructions, but each construction requires multiple phases of excavation.

Initially, I prepared each project phase on its own (with excavations required for construction and afterwards a "Fill phase" to finish off the project and another separate phase for the final landscaping phase. Now I get asked to shift my phasing around to have the most excavated phase of each construction zone combined, so I have to shift a lot of phases around.

My main issue is that with the amount of phases I have created the ribbon at the bottom, barely shows half of all my phases and moving 1 phase easily takes +15 seconds to move because Kubla immediately recalculates after each change. Having a "phase manager" where I could have a separate screen pop up with all my phases to shift around would be great. Especially if it wouldn't immediately start recalculating until I press confirm.

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  Hiding Phases and underlay PDF
Posted by: Haneef - 05-07-2023, 03:29 PM - Replies (3)

I am a new user and new to the forum, apologies if this question has already been answered. I have 2 PDF files, one with existing site conditions and one with proposed. After creating the strip and fill removal, and overlaying the 2 PDF files, I find I am unable to read the levels on my proposed phase that I want to work on. Is there a way to just see the 1 phase that I wish to work on and hide any PDF and/or Phase that I wish to? I have attached the file I have been working on, you can see I can no longer vie and identify the proposed levels and surfaces. Thanks for your help.

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  Dwg Files - Layers
Posted by: kolney - 04-19-2023, 05:25 PM - Replies (1)

Hi - I have a DWG file that I have imported but it appears to have all of the project layers switched on in the file.

eg - Existing levels, proposed levels, services, furniture etc building layout etc.

Is there any way I can turn the layers off within Kubla Cubed so that I can only see existing levels and then the proposed levels on another view?

Hope someone is able to help



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  Performance Issues
Posted by: MadScientist67 - 02-24-2023, 03:41 PM - Replies (2)

Good morning all, 

I'm having some performance issues with Kubla Cubed, but not the usual sort. It's not that the program's using too many resources on a limited machine but rather that it's not using enough. I've got a pretty impressive laptop that I'm using. It's handled everything that I've ever thrown at it except Kubla. 

Laptop specs: 
Dell Vostro 15 7510
Processor: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz[Cores 8] [Logical processors 16]
Graphics: integrated graphics + NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop (Kubla is forced to the standalone GPU)

I get that the RAM could be a little better, but here's the thing: When I start running Kubla nothing gets maxed out. If I close out of everything else, the processor usage drops to around 15% and doesn't really spike above around 30%. The RAM usage will stay around 12GB, and the GPU doesn't go nuts either. Yet it takes 30 minutes sometimes to render the existing contours on a single sheet and it's always run this slow. What gives? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The attached screenshot is what my task manager performance tab looks like after Kubla's been sitting and working for ~20min after I clicked the "contours" tab to edit the existing contours on one sheet. Nothing else is running beyond normal background processes.

Attached Files
.png   Screenshot 2023-02-24 103306.png (Size: 174.78 KB / Downloads: 30)
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  How to calculate backfill around a foundation
Posted by: dmalone128 - 02-19-2023, 02:11 PM - Replies (1)


I'm new to this product and forum, but I can't seem to find any resources that explain how to go about calculating cut/fill when you have a foundation to work around. So far, I have done the following:

1. Defined existing conditions of site with outlines and contours.
2. Created a separate phase and used the platform element to drop grade around existing foundation that will be demolished.
3. Created a separate phase and used the platform element to drop grade around proposed new foundation.

From here I am stuck. I need to backfill around the proposed new foundation and add final grades, but I cannot figure out how to do this. If anyone has a procedure or suggestion for how to move forward it would be greatly appreciated as there seems to be nothing out there that explains what to do from here.

Thank you,

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  Problem exporting to CAD from Kubla - Broken Lines
Posted by: tyron.tomlinson - 02-08-2023, 11:25 AM - Replies (1)

Hi there

I am having a problem exporting files to CAD.  Namely that upon export, my CAD file is breaking the contour lines into thousands (literally) of separate and overlapping lines and unjoined points. The data I am importing into Kubla is good, but is only an issue upon export.  Is this something that can be remediated with a setting?  Or am I doing something wrong?

Would appreciate any ideas with this.



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  Matching Colour Key with Contour lines
Posted by: DavidL - 01-30-2023, 12:11 AM - Replies (1)


just recently started this tool for some of my projects to determine extent of site cuts and what not, for hillside cuts and proposed basement cuts. 

I have a question for showing relative lines on images as part of presenting the level of cut and fill. Is there a method to match up the colour keys to the contour lines? 


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  Proposed not working?
Posted by: Ross.Will - 01-27-2023, 02:52 PM - Replies (1)

Hey guys,

I've used Kubla successfully a few times in the past, but it's been a bit since the last time. It seems like the program isn't calculating my platform element. I've gone through all the videos and read the forums but I can't find anything to help.

Other things not working correctly:

  • No cut/fill calculations are displayed on the proposed tab's top left.
  • The 3D view is not working.
I've attached a screenshot of my program since these forums require a URL to link a pic.

Thank you!

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  Alternate Scenario
Posted by: msnowdowne - 01-16-2023, 02:06 PM - Replies (3)


I came across a situation that required me to look into multiple scenarios for approaching the structure excavation.
This was a traditional lump sum bid-build I submitted a bid for early in 2022.
The short story is that no excavation shoring system was shown on the drawings but there was a small clause that included a performance requirement that was tucked away in the excavation shoring technical specification

"the shoring shall be constructed as substantially watertight such that dewatering inside the shoring system 
does not substantially lower the groundwater table on the outside of the shoring system since lowering of the 
water table on the outside of the shoring system may lead to unacceptable settlements of existing structures and utilities."

The structures comprise 2-27m diameter biosolids storage tanks with a 10m excavation.
The soil conditions would require a massive dewatering system to keep the excavation dry if a traditional open cut excavation is used. Concerns of damaging existing infrastucture + nearby neighbors on wells. Despise the performance clause there was questions as to whether an open cut excavation would be allowed versus a watertight shoring system.

So I created one scenario in Kubla, then duplicated it, renamed, and modified the scenario. The problem is, there are several duplicate phases between the two files. If i had to update one - then i'd have to go update the other. I don't like managing two files so I thought adding another level to the phase tabs on the bottom of the screen would be a solution.

An interesting note, this job had a budget of $20 million.
There was a competitive open bidding process that had a great spread but still way over budget. 
This used to be a one-off in my industry - but it's becoming a much more common!
Bid results for the Simcoe WWTP Upgrades (HST Extra)
1.      Maple $68,599,820.00
2.      NAC $70,709,025.00
3.      Graham $88,958,739.00

Attached Files
.jpg   1a.jpg (Size: 495.67 KB / Downloads: 25)
.jpg   1b.jpg (Size: 447.35 KB / Downloads: 25)
.png   kubla kubed with alternate scenario shown above project baseline.png (Size: 624.02 KB / Downloads: 25)
.jpg   2a.jpg (Size: 503.06 KB / Downloads: 25)
.jpg   2b.jpg (Size: 501.49 KB / Downloads: 25)
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